UX Designer Certification Project

Project Description

As a mandatory requirement to obtain the certification as UX designer, I was asked to conduct a research study on a hypothetical case study where the knowledge acquired during the training was put into practice. Given that I am currently working for the airline business, I took the initiative to conduct an ergonomic design study of the Transavia.com website, especially focused on its flight search engine and the flight selection page.

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As a UI/UX Consultant

To audit and evaluate an existing interface in terms of usability and ergonomics. To Conduct user interviews and user testing sessions on conceived scenarios. To model current information structure and identify issues.

As a UI/UX Designer and Developer

To conceive Personas and Scenariis to understand the main users. To elaborate wireframes (static and dynamic) to validate them within a set of users. To conceive a responsive deisign for the UI taking care of the basics of ergonomics and accesibility

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