Project Description

TravelPaaS is a fully responsive and customizable platform. Thanks to its Widget and API strategy, TravelPaaS is designed for airlines to build their own flexible, customized digital solution, and enhance their current digital offer with efficiency proven conversion rate optimization techniques. On this project I’m currently working as a Design Technologist, performing Development activities under React.js and also actively participating on the UX design activities serving as a Proxy between the dev team and the UX team. I’m in charge of performing accessibility audits to the product and looking forward to improve the usability of the components, considering keyboard navigation, screen-readers, etc. I’m in charge also of the mentoring activities for new-comers to the project and in constant watch over the quality of the visual designs provided to the dev team.

Featured Technologies and Tools


As a Design Technologist

To collaborate with the UX team to get with a viable design of the components to be created. Help them understand the structure of the page modules and establish a communication method using abstract to share the visual designs and wireframes. To validate with the UX team the border cases on terms of the design and to find solutions using scenarios for testing. To mentor the UX team on how version control systems works and how they can take advantage of it.

As a Front-end Developer

To create a library of reusable React components connected using Redux, to transform the TravelPaaS platform into a single-page IBE. To insure the accessibility of each components to be part of a full structure once integrated on the main widgets. Redesign the keyboard navigation of the whole page, including complex areas like the seat map, or the flight selection page. Create Unit Test for each of the components created. Work the styling of the component to be prepared for different levels of customization.

Other Ressources