Worflow Automation for Fertinitro

Project Description

Fertinitro is a company of the government of Venezuela, which is responsible for the production of Nitrogenated Fertilizers. The project consisted in the study of the bidding process and project offers, which the company carried out manually, in which the human factor could influence the efficiency of the process. Under my charge was the study and analysis of all the stages, roles and problems that were presented using the manual process, in order to orchestrate the activities in an automatic process using the Business Process Management methodology, implemented using the MB Process 6.0 Suite.

Featured Technologies and Tools


As a UI/UX Designer

To perform user interviews in-situ in order to understand the issues that they were facing. To collect requirements and conceive an automated BPM solution. To identify the main user roles and expectations. To iterate through the design life cycle to validate the final design.

As a Business Analytics Consultant

To produce the BPM Architecture model using BPM-N (Business Process Management Notation) for the new automated process. Design of the UI for final users. Design of automated reporting application.

As a team leader

To create user stories based on the requirements and to manage the backlog. To assign tasks between the team members and organize the roadmap of releases. To perform UAT process with the customer. To supervise deployment and go live in production

Other Ressources