Project Description

The “RunMyProcess Easy Builder”, was one my biggest challenges as a Software Engineer. The main goal of this project, was to create a web-based environment over the RunMyProcess cloud platform, to help non technical users to be able to create in few minutes, complex workflow applications without the need to code. This application also was to be used by the pre-sales team of consultants as a prototyping tool, which allows them to demo in a limited block of time, the main functionalities of the RunMyProcess platform, producing almost fully functional applications, according to the requirements of the customer in real time.

Featured Technologies and Tools


As a UI/UX Designer

To analyze the user needs in order to produce a usable application. Perform User Testing and Iterate through the design cycle to get with an ergonomic and intuitive interface. Adapt the UI to the RunMyProcess branding, considering WCAG.

As a front-end developer

Create a Web-based application allowing the user to drag and drop elements on the UI to create workflows. Keep the logical structure updated on the cloud while the user is currently using the Easy Builder. Communicate with the API’s to interact with the server.

As a team leader

To manage an international team of 3 front-end developers, 1 graphic designer and 2 Q&A, using Agile methodologies. Report to stakeholders and plan the roadmap for releasing features.

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